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Car Wash Construction Financing

Do you need car wash construction financing? Everyone has a car that should be washed every now and then. Some choose to wash it in their driveway, but many people decide to go to a car wash--an automated one, a self-serviced one, or one with car washers, detailers, etc.

Since 1977, Ocean Pacific Capital has specialized in car wash construction financing. While we specialize in financing all types of car washes across the nation, we have the most experience in obtaining financing for the construction of a new car wash. We have also helped numerous investors and clients purchase or refinance existing car washes. Whether you have previously obtained financing or are new to this process, our experience in this industry will guide you in an efficient manner. In most cases, some of the documents required will include financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements, federal income tax returns, owner/guarantor personal financial statements and personal cash flow statements, personal resumes and references, copies of notes, leases payable and receivable, business marketing plan(s), and business cash flow projections. While this list may seem extensive, our experienced commercial loan specialists will aid you through this process to simplify and expedite your car wash construction financing. APPLY NOW